DropSeat 280: A Chopper Profile

The DropSeat 280 features a War Eagle chassis. See more motorcycle pictures.

DD Customs is a relatively new player in the high-end chopper arena, but its creations, which include the DropSeat 280 model, exhibit a level of detail and creativity usually associated with experienced builders.

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The DropSeat 280 model features a chassis from War Eagle that rolls on a 280-series rear tire. The Tricky Air rear suspension provides complete control over ride height and firmness. War Eagle forks are canted at a 42-degree rake and cut down two inches from stock dimensions. Pro-One wheels were given a red anodized finish that contrasts with their chrome "star" accents.

A fuel tank from Independent was extensively reworked for the application. Power comes from a 124-cubic-inch S&S engine, the motive force counteracted by HHI disc brakes at each end. Subtle Silver Candy paint seems to glow in the light, and is accented with Von Dutch-style striping. It all results in an exceptional bike with a unique look that does the newcomers at DD Customs proud.

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