Double Trouble: A Chopper Profile

Double Trouble chopper built by Tweety/Ideal Ride. See more motorcycle pictures.

At first glance, Double Trouble might look like a mildly customized Harley-Davidson, as many of its pieces started out as stock Harley components. But closer inspection reveals that most of those parts have been modified and are attached to an after market frame, putting the bike squarely into the Special Construction category.

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The frame in question is a hardtail out of the Paughco (pronounced "Pa-ko") catalog. Large-diameter Harley FL forks were chosen for control and style, though they're stretched eight inches and mounted at a 40-degree rake for a more-aggressive profile.

With the exception of its Rev Tech carburetor and Samson exhaust system, the 80-cubic-inch Harley Evo V-twin remains true to its origins, with all internal components being stock. Also carried over is the Harley Fat Bob fuel tank, though the original top-mounted instrument panel has been replaced by a skunk pelt-which is what gave the bike its nickname of "Stinky."

A ducktail rear fender and custom paint job complete a look that ensures Double Trouble is never mistaken for a production bike-at least, not by those in the know.

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