Dirty Love: A Chopper Profile

Dirty Love Chopper Pictures
The clutch-less straight handlebar.
The clutch-less straight handlebar.

Hearkening back to Harleys of days past, Dirty Love's no frills exterior contrasts with its high performance power. See detailed pictures of this unique chopper below.

The straight handlebar wears no clutch, as the lever is activated by a foot pedal.

Dirty Love's belt drive.

Note the 8-ball knob on the stubby shift lever. A modern belt-drive primary substitutes for the original chain.

Footpegs and kick lever.

Machined rods make up the footpegs, brake "pedal," and brake arm. Old-time Bobbers were started with a kick lever, and this one is no different.

The rear-fender luggage rack.

Rear-fender luggage rack is another throwback to the past -- and a handy one at that.

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