Dirty Love: A Chopper Profile

Dirty Love chopper by Suicycles. See more chopper pictures.

Suicycles is in the business of building high-performance, yet low-technology scoots. Very little in the way of flashy paint or highly polished alloys will be found on its machines. While some of the creations embody a bit more pizazz, the Dirty Love chopper is pure performance in a plain black wrapper.

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Though assembled from a combination of hardware, most major pieces hail from Harley-Davidson. The frame is from a 1949 model, the forks from a 1937. Power comes from a Harley Evo V-twin, which has been stroked from 80 to 89 cubic inches and massaged to produce more power.

The only form of "rear" suspension is found in the saddle, which provides three inches of travel courtesy of the chrome springs beneath. Finishing off this "no frills" machine is a matte black finish extending from the front forks to rear fender. A few bits of chrome dress the engine, but most noticeable is the shiny tool box mounted ahead of the rear axle. It's similar to those found on Harleys of old, which is exactly the look Suicycles strived to achieve.

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