Daddy Long Legs: A Chopper Profile

The Daddy Long Legs is a Radical chopper built by Klock Werks. See more chopper pictures.

Daddy Long Legs is a chopper aptly named, as it was built for a former Corn Huskers football player. Klock Werks, of Mitchell, South Dakota, designed the frame, placing the seat and forward controls to accommodate the big rider's physique.

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The fuel tank started life as a standard West Coast Choppers item, but was modified for the application. Works Shocks cushion the triangulated swingarm in back, while Dakota Billet axles team with stretched, Harley-Davidson Deuce forks in front. Sixty-spoke wheels at both ends lend an 'old school' look. A combination sprocket and brake disc by Exile mounts on the left side of the bike, allowing the right side of the wheel to run 'open.'

A 120-cubic-inch Patrick V-twin powers the big Daddy, with exhaust pipes specially bent by Klock Werks. Satin black paint contrasts with the normal high-gloss paintwork of most choppers, and is accented with strategically placed red and white pinstripes.

What the owner wanted was a specially sized bike with a unique look, and Klock Werks was happy to oblige -- which is the whole idea behind these custom-built machines.

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