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Corvette was born of the post-war sports-car boom, an optimistic time when nearly anything seemed possible, including the world's largest automaker building a two-seat "image" car. But despite the Corvette's initial impact as a sensational show car, the first production model was dismissed as more poseur than performer, and the so-called "plastic bathtub" was nearly axed from the Chevrolet lineup. Fortunately, the venerable Corvette developed a raw sporting nature during the formative years of rock-and-roll, and got its kicks on Route 66.

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Corvette came into its own, both on the road and at the racetrack, during the go-go space-age Sixties. It flexed its muscle during the subsequently turbulent years of civil unrest, antiwar protests, and political scandals. It survived an onslaught of adversity throughout the Seventies. And while it welcomed the button-down Eighties with its portfolio secure, the car's fortunes plummeted over the course of the ensuing decade.

Again turning the tide, Chevy's legendary sports car was reborn in the late Nineties as a technologically advanced performance machine for the new millennium, and it enjoyed a well-earned resurgence in popularity. Then, when we didn't think it could get any better, Corvette engineers unleashed the C6, the most precise and refined Corvette yet. They soon topped themselves with the next-generation Z06, a 500-horsepower track-bred beast that upped performance to new heights.

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The 1961-62 Corvette model was lauded as one of the finest performance machines in the world.
The 1961-62 Corvette model was lauded as one of the
finest performance machines in the world. See more pictures of Corvettes.

Plenty of sports cars would come and go since 1953, but through it all, the Corvette survived. In fact, the Corvette thrived, outlasting and outpacing the competition.

This is the detailed account of the Corvette's journey from its roots as a brash young show car to the sophisticated gran turismo it is today. It is also the story of the people behind the legend, the visionary designers and engineers who created and nurtured it, the race-car drivers whose victories helped gain the respect of its most steadfast critics, and the boardroom boosters and corporate detractors who debated its very existence.

Corvette's biography is one of drama, intrigue, and passion. Back-room battles and locked-door secrets lurk within. It's a tale of the underdog overcoming great hurdles, living up to prior successes, and suffering through the inevitable failures.

It's a story straight out of Hollywood, populated with strong leading men and crafty bit players, heroes, villains, plot twists, and red herrings. Packed into a six-act script played out against the backdrop of America's ever-changing landscape, this is the tale of a cultural icon like no other.

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