Corvette Sports Cars

Originally a concept car designed to compete with the sedans of the 1950s, the Corvette hit production lines in 1953 and been a powerhouse ever since. Learn about this beloved classic car through the ages.

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1954 Corvette

The 1954 Corvette featured small but significant improvements over the 1953 model. A revised camshaft boosted the 235.5-cubic-inch six by five bhp to 155. Follow the progression of this world-class sports car.

1955 Corvette

The 1955 Corvette introduced a V-8 engine that greatly improved performance but wasn't enough to bolster sales. The V-8 option that was a boon to performance also had little sales impact. Learn more about this classic car.

1956 Corvette

The 1956 Corvette was restyled inside and out to look and operate better than its predecessor. All the former version's inferior elements were removed and the superior ones were now emphasized. See how Corvette finally came of age.

1957 Corvette

The 1957 Corvette sold 6,339 units -- an 80 percent improvement. In almost any form, the '57 Corvette delivered certifiably staggering performance. Learn what new features and options made this classic car so popular.

Corvette Museum

Corvette enthusiasts from all over the world flock to the National Corvette Museum every year. Here they learn about the history development and design behind one of America's favorite sports cars.

1959 Corvette

The 1959 Corvette had a cleaned-up look and a smoother, faster ride. The Corvette was equipped with a 290-bhp engine capable of a 128 mph top speed. Learn about the small but significant changes Chevy made to its classic car.

1972 Corvette

What the 1972 Corvette lost in power it made up for in style. Refinements included a redesigned center console and optional anti-theft alarm system. Find photos and specifications of the 1972 Corvette in this article.

1960 Corvette

The 1960 Corvette introduced mechanical refinements that gave a smoother ride and more neutral handling. It also broke model-year sales records with 10,261 units. Discover the features of this classic car.

1953 Corvette

The 1953 Corvette was rushed into production and stumbled coming out of the gate, getting mixed reviews. However, the Corvette was quite a good sports car performance-wise. Explore the birth of this world-class sports car.

1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette received positive praise due to its economical price and solid performance. The ‘58 Corvette, though heavier than the previous year's model, boasted several improvements. Learn more about this Corvette.