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Classic Cars

Classic Cars I-L

1954 Kaiser Special sedan early version, rear-three-quarter view
The 1954 Kaiser Special is collectible partly because fewer than 5,000 were built. See more pictures of classic cars.

Classic cars I-L is an alphabetically arranged collection of some of the world's most coveted autos.

Collectors of classic cars know a real Imperial wasn't merely a gilded Chrysler. The true Imperials came from a spin-off Chrysler marque that brought to the fore everything a great American company could muster. Check out the 1957-1959 Imperial LeBaron for evidence.

The greatest Jaguars embody the British firm's time-honored slogan, "Grace, space, and pace." Learn about a herd of hot cats, from the 1960-1969 Jaguar Mark II sporting saloon to the supercharged 2000 Jaguar XKR.

For an American automaker founded just after World War II, Kaiser boasts a substantial list of high-interest cars. Find out why such models as the 1951 Kaiser DeLuxe were considered daring styling departures and, more importantly, were successful in the marketplace.

Lincoln aspires to high-volume profitability, but Ford's premium house also is responsible for a good number of low-volume classics. Check out such important American cars as the 1932-1934 Lincoln V-12, the 1940-1941 Lincoln Continental, and the 1968-1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III.

For profiles, pictures, specs and more on these and other great classic cars, check out:

1955-1956 Imperial 1981-1983 Imperial 1960-1963 Imperial Crown 1964-1970 Imperial Crown
1957-1959 Imperial LeBaron 1960-1963 Imperial LeBaron 1964-1970 Imperial LeBaron 1961-1970 Innocenti Spider/Coupe
1963-1970 Iso Rivolta 1967-1974 Iso S4 Fidia 1960-1969 Jaguar Mark II 1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV
1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX 1948-1951 Jaguar Mark V 1950-1957 Jaguar Mark VII/VIIM 1956-1959 Jaguar Mark VIII
1965-1970 Jaguar Mark X & 420G 1961-1965 Jaguar Mark X 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420 1987-1994 Jaguar XJ6
1979-1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III 1969-1973 Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 1973-1979 Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 Series II 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC
1995-2000 Jaguar XJR 2000 Jaguar XKR 1962-1966 Jensen CV8 1966-1971 Jensen FF
1953 Kaiser "Hardtop" Dragon 1947-1948 Kaiser Custom 1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe 1951 Kaiser DeLuxe
1952-1953 Kaiser Manhattan 1954-1955 Kaiser Manhattan 1954 Kaiser Special 1949-1950 Kaiser Special Traveler
1952 Kaiser Virginian DeLuxe 1954 Kaiser-Darrin DKF161 1976-1990 Lagonda 1949-1958 Lagonda 2.6/3.0 Litre
1961-1964 Lagonda Rapide 1938-1939 Lagonda V-12 1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa 1951-1958 Lancia Aurelia Coupe & Spyder
1959-1964 Lancia Flaminia Coupe & Spyder 1962-1975 Lancia Flavia Coupe/Convertible/Zagato/2000 1965-1976 Lancia Fulvia Coupe & Zagato 1948-1985 Land-Rover Series I,II,III
1990-2000 Lexus SC 300/400 1952-1954 Lincoln Capri 1940-1941 Lincoln Continental 1961-1967 Lincoln Continental by Lehmann-Peterson
1935-1940 Lincoln Model K 1956-1957 Lincoln Premiere 1958-1960 Lincoln Premiere 1932-1934 Lincoln V-12 Models
1930-1932 Lincoln V-8 Models L/K/KA 1956-1957 Lincoln Continental Mark II 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental 1968-1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III
1984-1992 Lincoln Continental Mark VII LSC
1957-1980 Lotus Seven

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