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Chopper Profiles

Pro Street Chopper Profiles

This Pro Street chopper was built by Custom Shop Cycles in 2003.
This Pro Street chopper was built by Custom Shop Cycles in 2003.

Oftentimes, there are only subtle differences between a Factory or Radical chopper and a Pro Street bike. Typically, Pro Streets are made to look -- and run -- like race bikes, which means they usually lack the raised frames, long forks, exotic detailing, and colorful paint schemes of their flashier siblings. Though there are exceptions -- as you'll see -- many feature a stark, austere appearance that gives them a purposeful look; that of a lean, mean, street-fighting machine.

Below you'll find links to Pro Street chopper profiles, which provide specifications and close-up pictures of these unique machines.



DD Custom Cycles Pro Street: A Chopper Profile

The Pro Street chopper by DD Custom Cycles features diamond-cut cooling fins on its V-twin engine. Get a closer look here.

Checkers: A Chopper Profile

The checker design on this chopper adds a finish-line feel and a sharp look. See for yourself in this detailed profile.

Assassin: A Chopper Profile

The Assassin sports a sleek black paint job and a 124-cubic-inch engine that lives up to its name. Learn why this chopper is an all show, all go machine.

Custom Shop Cycles Pro Street: A Chopper Profile

The construction of the Pro Street chopper by Custom Shop Cycles was originally prompted by a charity raffle. Check out the final results.

Speed Demon: A Chopper Profile

The Speed Demon chopper has a piercing design and custom touches that will make your jaw drop. View details and photos in this profile.

Buell Street Fighter: A Chopper Profile

This powerful chopper was built to destroy. See pictures of the Buell Street Fighter's amazing custom features.

Supercharged: A Chopper Profile

The Supercharged chopper is just that: supercharged with a nitrous-injected V-twin engine and electrifying graphics. Get the details here.

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