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Chopper Profiles

Radical Chopper Profiles

The Bad Moon is a 2003 Radical chopper built by Kenny Rollins and Chopper Shop, Inc.
The Bad Moon is a 2003 Radical chopper built by Kenny Rollins and Chopper Shop, Inc.

As the name implies, Radical choppers are over-the-edge creations incorporating lots of custom machine work and lavish paint jobs. Their frames and sheetmetal are rarely straight from a factory or catalog; they're usually modified or handmade and thus unique.

The "manufacturers" can be companies making a few bikes a year for well-heeled buyers, or backyard builders toiling on their own creations. But the bottom line is that the best of these stretch the imagination -- and sometimes, the limits of reason.



The chopper profiles linked below provide descriptions, specifications, and up-close pictures of Radical choppers from around the country.

Suicide Softail: A Chopper Profile

The Candy Red Suicide Softail features a 145-cubic-inch V-twin engine by Ultima. Have a look at the details here.

Bad Moon: A Chopper Profile

Check out the Bad Moon's moon fuel tank, fashioned after hot rod and dragster tanks of the 1950s.

Trop Chop: A Chopper Profile

Trop Chop sports a colorful underwater paint scheme and bodywork that flows. See pictures of a custom masterpiece straight from Paradise.

Johnny Walker: A Chopper Profile

The Johnny Walker has tooled leather seat, custom-bent exhaust, and creased fuel tank. Learn what makes this Top Shelf creation a top-notch chopper.

Spoon: A Chopper Profile

Spoon chopper features a rearview camera and video screen that make this motorcycle a real modern treat. Feast your eyes on the striking details of the Spoon chopper.

Aggression: A Chopper Profile

The Aggression chopper is one of the Best Radical Custom motorcycles, with a trophy to prove it. Find out how this powerful bike climbed its way to the top.

Low Blow: A Chopper Profile

Low Blow chopper was packed with as much horsepower as possible. Check out the nitrous-oxide injected engine, among other custom features.

U-Bet 2: A Chopper Profile

U-Bet 2 chopper is a strong custom motorcycle with smoothed fork legs and a shiny gold wrapper. See the striking details here.

Revenge: A Chopper Profile

The 2004 Revenge is fully-equipped with inverted forks set at a 46-degree rake. Get a closer look at the Revenge's clean lines and Candy Blue paintwork.

Rock Hard: A Chopper Profile

Sharp silver blades and dangerous flames pierce the body of this 2005 Rock Hard chopper. Explore the details of this custom motorcycle.

Tony: A Chopper Profile

The Tony chopper displays a Candy Red paint job with subtle flame graphics. See for yourself in this detailed profile.

Deranged: A Chopper Profile

The Deranged chopper is a geometric masterpiece with a diamond-cut engine. See this custom motorcycle from every angle in this article.

El Balla: A Chopper Profile

John Dodson's first custom chopper was El Balla, which led to the creation of the company Johnny Legend Customs. Get a closer look at the details.

Thugster: A Chopper Profile

A see-through fuel tank and skull-knobbed hand-shift lever are just a two of the hand-crafted features on the Thugster chopper. Learn about this custom motorcycle.

Daddy Long Legs: A Chopper Profile

The Daddy Long Legs chopper was built for a football player who wanted a motorcycle to fit his large physique. Find out how this strong chopper accommodates a big rider.

Shovelglide: A Chopper Profile

With original 1932 Harley-Davidson springer forks and a modern primary belt drive, designs of the past and the present come together in the Shovelglide chopper. Get a detailed view.

Girder: A Chopper Profile

Take a peek at the details on the Girder Chopper, including a "snaked" exhaust system and stretched girder forks that gives this custom motorcycle its name.

Chopper, Baby: A Chopper Profile

Chopper, Baby custom motorcycle is powered by a 93-cubic-inch engine from Accurate Engineering, adding a vintage touch. Check out pictures.

Fiend: A Chopper Profile

The Fiend was highly influenced by the owner's preoccupation with pre-1950 artifacts. Learn how this obsession resulted in the Fiend custom chopper.

Sabre Tooth: A Chopper Profile

Sabre Tooth chopper's sheetmetal was hand-formed by the builders for a truly custom finish. View the results of hard labor and intense creativity.

Spoon Cobra: A Chopper Profile

Built by two chopper experts, the Spoon Cobra is a proud display of what combined forces can achieve. See this motorcycle's special features.

Fendered Spoon: A Chopper Profile

The Fendered Spoon chopper has striking Cobalt Blue paint job and a rear tire as wide as it can get. Catch a glimpse of the details.

Street Hustler: A Chopper Profile

An armor and woodgrain paint scheme drapes the Street Hustler chopper. Learn how Kaotic Customs stand by their creed that no two bikes should be alike.

Scooter Shooterz: A Chopper Profile

This chopper's clean, simple look may not make it as radical as other Scooter Shooters choppers, but it's still a powerful machine with a design all its own. See images.

Executioner: A Chopper Profile

Discover a chopper with a terrifying design and a name to match. The Executioner comes fully-equipped with a skull head and flamethrower.

Lethal Injection: A Chopper Profile

Lethal Injection chopper won the Best of Show honors at a Louisville motorcycle event. Check out this motorcycle's Hilborn mechanical fuel injection system.

Punisher: A Chopper Profile

The Punisher chopper sports a sleek blue paint job and no chrome finish. Enjoy the simple yet masterful work of the Punisher chopper in this article.

Turbo Spike: A Chopper Profile

Turbo Spike packs a turbocharged sting, with its boosted engine and sharp red-and-yellow scorpion graphics. Notice the details with these colorful photos.

Hard Tail: A Chopper Profile

The next section goes into detail on the Pro Street race bikes.

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