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Chopper Profiles

Special Construction Chopper Profiles

Stump Puller is a Special Construction chopper built by Ideal Ride.
Stump Puller is a Special Construction chopper built by Ideal Ride.

Special Construction choppers are typically built largely from factory- or catalog-supplied components, but with several unique twists -- and since an aftermarket frame is often among them, they usually aren't just stock bikes with added accessories. In some cases, bikes fall into this category simply because they didn't fit comfortably anywhere else. And for many people, a chopper that's difficult to categorize makes it all the more appealing.

The following articles provide detailed photos, specifications, and descriptions of unique Special Construction choppers.



Double Trouble: A Chopper Profile

The Double Trouble chopper has a Harley Fat Bob fuel tank with a skunk pelt replacing its original top-mounted instrument panel, giving this custom motorcycle the nickname "Stinky." See photos and specifications here.

Purple Haze: A Chopper Profile

It took nearly two decades to convert this original 1955 Harley-Davidson into the Purple Haze chopper. See pictures of this custom motorcycle's V-twin engine, blue-to-red chameleon paint, and Harley-Davidson logo.

Model P: A Chopper Profile

The features on the 2004 Model P by Lifted Leg Customs include a Kraft Tech hardtail frame, a set of Harley-Davidson Wide Glide forks, and a Harley Evo V-twin engine. Check out close-up pictures of these details.

Astrozombie: A Chopper Profile

The Astrozombie is truly a custom-built chopper, from its Cummins diesel engine piston to the early Ford stop-lamp taillight. Learn about this 2005 Special Construction custom motorcycle through pictures and specs.

Rigidity: A Chopper Profile

The Rigidity's powerful 96-cubic-inch S&S engine and proud silver-on-black paint scheme give this chopper a clean, sleek look and solid performance. Take a look at pictures of this custom motorcycle.

Rebel: A Chopper Profile

The Rebel chopper is a perfect example of a custom motorcycle built for a custom fit. Learn how this chopper was tweaked and customized especially for the builder's wife.

Stump Puller: A Chopper Profile

The idea behind the Stump Puller was a chopper that could provide long, comfortable rides as well as unique style. Check out photos and specifications for this strong, striking custom motorcycle.

Dual Glide: A Chopper Profile

The unique dual suspension truly makes the Dual Glide chopper a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. See more custom details of the Dual Glide, including the handbuilt handlebars and colorful graphics.

Sportster: A Chopper Profile

This 1998 Sportster was built by Klock Werks in the "Sportster Capital" of the United States. View pictures of the special touches on this custom motorcycle, such as the five-spoke wheels and the subtle skull motif.

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