Chevrolet Corsica

The Chevrolet Corsica was introduced in March 1987 as an early 1988 model. It replaced the Chevrolet Citation as Chevy's high-volume compact car and was accompanied by a two-door coupe version called the Chevrolet Beretta.

The Chevrolet Corsica and Chevrolet Beretta shared a mechanical structure, rather elemental chassis design, and basic four- and six-cylinder powertrains. Both also replaced the Chevrolet Citation's squared-up lines with trendier jelly-bean styling.

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Chevrolet's 1988 Corsica compact had quietly handsome good looks and pretty good performance.
Chevrolet's 1988 Corsica compact had handsome
good looks and pretty good performance.
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And as you'll see in this article, Corsica, like Beretta, strayed from Chevy's compact-car mainstream to dabble in the other hot-button craze of the day: European sport-sedan flavor.

The 1989 Chevrolet Corsica LTZ model came with a V-6, tauter "sport" suspension, alloy wheels, tachometer, and minor styling alterations that to Chevy, spoke of European sophistication.

The division also looked to continental sensibilities by adding to the 1989 Chevrolet Corsica sedan a hatchback body style. To the stylists' credit, the hatchback didn't look much different from the sedan, but did furnish a more versatile approach to utility.

Utility, despite Corsica's sporty aspirations, really was this car's guiding principal through the end of its run, in model year 1996. It was a long life, too long really, given the quicker pace of change among Chevy's import-brand rivals.

But through it all, Corsica was a true Chevrolet, offering a bit of style, occasional flair, decent cabin room, and prices that put it within reach of most any American.

The 1990 Corsica's sleek interiors didn't keep sales from dropping.
The 1990 Corsica's sleek interiors
didn't keep sales from dropping.
The Chevrolet Corsica helped take Chevy's compact sedan into a new age of aero styling and sporty Euro-inspired cues, a transition laid out in this nicely illustrated article.

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