Catalog Bike: A Chopper Profile

Catalog Bike Chopper Pictures

Catalog Bike's custom paint.
Catalog Bike's custom paint.

The Catalog Bike is built from parts bought and then assembled into a chopper. Scooter Schooterz created this factory-modified chopper. Below are more pictures and specifications of this one-of-a-kind chopper.

Catalogs may offer some nice-looking parts, but fine paintwork still stands out.

Exhaust and chrome plating. Exhaust and chrome plating.
Exhaust and chrome plating.

The Catalog Bike's engine is a standard Rev Tech item, but a Flowmaster intake and L.A. Choppers exhaust -- along with lots of chrome plating -- help set it off.

Wire-spoke wheels. Wire-spoke wheels.
Wire-spoke wheels.

Classic wire-spoke wheels may not look as fancy as machined wheels, but many riders feel they’re what motorcycles are supposed to have -- whether stock or custom.

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