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Aptera 2h

The Aptera 2h, expected to arrive sometime in 2010, will have a slightly different look than Aptera’s original prototype, the Typ-1.
The Aptera 2h, expected to arrive sometime in 2010, will have a slightly different look than Aptera’s original prototype, the Typ-1.
Accelerated Composites

Although the names may have changed, anticipation for Aptera's line of all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles hasn't decreased. Originally categorized under the Typ-1 name, the new models are now identified under the Aptera 2 Series: Aptera 2e for the electric vehicle, Aptera 2h for the plug-in hybrid.

If the sleek, three-wheeled design of Aptera's plug-in hybrid model wasn't eye-catching enough, the projected fuel economy should cause a double-take -- the company expects it to achieve 300 miles per gallon (127.5 kilometers per liter). Drivers can either charge the 2h on a standard 110-volt outlet or fill up at a typical gas station. While the 2e is scheduled to come out in 2009, those interested in the 2h will have to wait a little longer, as Aptera will release that model in 2010.

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