5 Exciting Crossover Vehicle Concepts

Renault CAPTUR
Renault cars logo
Renault cars logo
Fernando Camino/Cover/Getty Images

The Renault Captur concept car looks as much like a sports car as a sport utility vehicle. (A lot of auto writers are comparing it to the Nissan Juke, which it strongly resembles.) The concept vehicle is full of touches that make it seem not only futuristic but downright weird, like the seats that seem to float in mid-air and the stretched fabric ropes that cover much of the interior. How much of this will make it into the production model is anybody's guess.

The Captur also incorporates Renault's Visio system, a front-mounted camera that provides an "augmented reality" image of what's happening outside to give the driver an improved awareness of the vehicle's surroundings. What's augmented reality? Think of it as combining the view through the car's windows with computer imagery to provide the driver with a stream of real-time information that an F-15 pilot might envy. If Renault doesn't put the Captur into production as a crossover, they might consider making it into a spaceship.

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