10 Ways to Avoid Overheating Your Truck

Know if Your Truck is Prone to Overheating

Some cars just overheat more than others, and many trucks are known to suffer the same fate. Because, basically, your truck isn't fundamentally, mechanically different than most cars. It's just bigger. And if it's abused and neglected, the same things can happen. Just on a larger scale.

So don't yield to the idea that a bigger engine is necessarily more robust. If you already happen to own a truck that's notorious for overheating, and you aren't in the market to dump it or trade it in, there might not be much you can do. But this tip makes our list because it's important to be extra-vigilant. You can check for outstanding recalls on your model -- sometimes there's a known flaw, like a poorly designed head gasket, that causes the problem.

That said, not all overheating engines are fatally flawed in design -- some are just engineered with other priorities, that results in a lower tolerance for excessive heat. If you suspect your model of truck is prone to overheating (or if a friend told you, "Dude, everyone knows that," or if you read it on a forum online somewhere) the first thing you should do is call your dealership to see if there are any outstanding warranties or service bulletins on your vehicle. If there are, take it in for the repair. Maybe the fix will help.

If not, pay attention to the rest of our list, because you've probably already realized you and your truck are in for a long and hot ride. The following tips might be able to help you alleviate the common causes of an overheating truck engine, and minimize its symptoms.