5 Hazards to Watch for When the Roads Start to Thaw

Keep these tips in mind when you're making your spring driving plans. See more car safety pictures.
Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images

Spring is in the air, and that means flowers are blooming, birds are singing and cars are flying off the roadways because drivers got overly confident after the winter ice started to melt.

As winter gives way to longer days and more sunshine, many parts in the country are thawing out after months-long freezes. More and more people will be getting back to normal, non-snowy driving. But if you're in an area that experiences heavy winters and hard, icy conditions, things may not be completely safe yet.

With the ice beginning to melt, the roads are full of new hazards. That could include water on the roads, a slushy mix of ice and dirt, limited visibility and even grime from other vehicles. It's critical to watch out for these things because all of them could potentially cause an accident. In addition, the icy weather may not be going away just yet, which could lead to surprisingly challenging conditions on the road.

We've compiled a list of 5 hazards to watch out for when the roads start to thaw. The weather may be getting warmer, but your fellow citizens aren't getting any better at driving, so keep these in mind when you're making spring plans.