5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in the Rain

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Is Parallel Parking Outdated?

Is Parallel Parking Outdated?

Parallel parking can be stressful, whether you're dealing with your driving test or snagging the last spot on the street. Is parallel parking still necessary?

Author's Note: 5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in the Rain

When I was 17 years old (a lot longer ago than I'd care to admit), I had my first car accident. It was, yes, on a dark and rainy night. Worse, it was on a winding country road. I turned a corner and there was a long line of cars stopped at a traffic light. I slammed on the brakes and nothing happened. I just kept moving, right into the rear of the car at the end of the line. The hood of my Ford Mustang crumpled like an origami swan. This was my introduction to hydroplaning.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, though the woman and her two kids in the car I'd hit were a bit shaken up. So was the guy riding in my passenger seat. And so was the fellow driving the car behind me. (I knew him. He was my high school drama teacher. We were on our way to put on a production of "Our Town" at a local old-folk's home.)

So this article was written from the heart, the one that's still beating because I had fortunately just started to slow down before the accident happened. If I hadn't slowed down -- well, I hope the writer who got this assignment would have enjoyed it as much as I did.

It's a pity I hadn't read my own article before I went out in the rain that night. Or some of these articles:

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