5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in the Fog

Stay Close to Vehicles Around You

We're always taught that there's safety in numbers. So if you're driving in the fog and you spot a fellow driver, speed up right behind them and stick close by. If you're lucky, they'll be going to the same place you are and you can use their car as a point of reference while you tailgate them. While this may seem like a good idea, it's another completely wrong way to drive in the fog.

People tend to drive far too close to one another in the fog because it gives them a visual reference point. But the driver you're following could hit their brakes, rear-end another car or veer the wrong way and you'd be in trouble pretty quickly. We all know that we should keep a safe distance while driving, but this becomes even more important when it's foggy.

Keeping a safe distance greatly reduces your chances of getting into an accident because it gives you even more time to respond. So how far should you stay behind another vehicle? Some experts say you should be at least three lane markers behind the car in front of you. So keep your distance, even if it means you feel like you're driving all by your lonesome.