10 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits



Driving can be an opportune time to organize your thoughts, clear your mind, think through problems or just enjoy a few moments of solitude.

With experience, routine driving becomes an automatic activity in and of itself. Like brushing our teeth, we don't really have to think about the intricately coordinated choreography of our senses and muscles while driving.

So we might think we have plenty of processing power left over to focus on non-driving related tasks. And that can be dangerous, if we overestimate our powers of focus.

If you've ever let your mind wander and missed your exit on the highway -- then considered swerving across several lanes to catch it -- you're probably aware of the risk posed by daydreaming.

The fact is driving a car equates to operating heavy machinery. Just as you wouldn't expect a crane operator to drift off while hoisting tons of metal beams overhead, responsible driving means maintaining focus. Not only is it a courtesy to your fellow drivers, but it helps you to spot and avoid crazies on the road!

So what's our No. 1 driving distraction? This one has really stirred passions, on both sides of the distracted driving debate. Continue to the next page to see what all the talk is about.