10 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits


Fiddling with Entertainment and Onboard Electronics

Just because manufacturers and aftermarket companies make high-tech gadgets you can play with while driving doesn't mean you should.

Wisely, in-car DVD players are set by the factory to only play in view of the driver when the vehicle is parked. While that setting doesn't stop determined mobile multitaskers, at least it sends the message: The people who made these things think it's a bad idea to watch DVDs and drive at the same time.

Regular and satellite radios, iPod adaptors and navigation systems can all be deadly digital devices, in the wrong hands. To prevent your love affair with gadgets from becoming a fatal attraction, pull over if a gizmo requires you to focus on a screen and remove your eyes from the road. There's nothing wrong with In-Car Entertainment (ICE) in and of itself. But drivers need to know when to draw the line so that they don't wind up on a cold slab.

Many of us confess to taking a certain amount of guilty pleasure in rubbernecking. But can overindulging lead to a broken neck or worse? Continue on to find out.