10 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits

Tending to Fido or Kitty

Clawing their way in at No. 8, as you may have guessed, are pets. Next to kids, or perhaps in lieu of kids, pets are the collective apples of our eye. Circumstances dictate that sometimes we want to, or have to, transport them. The reason could be a veterinarian visit, a move to a different home or maybe just a trip to the park or beach outside of walking distance.

In any case, the last thing you need is an animal roaming around inside your vehicle while you drive. For the same reasons you wouldn't want people shuffling around the cramped passenger compartment, pets should be secured. It's safer for them, you and others outside your vehicle.

Fortunately, there are carriers for cats and other small pets. For larger dogs, you can try vehicle partitions or even doggy harnesses that strap your canine securely into a seat. That way he can enjoy the wind in his face without getting fur and slobber in yours.

The proper securing device, coupled with your reassuring words and caresses, should make riding in the car a tolerable and perhaps downright enjoyable experience for your pet. And unlike our next subject, pets don't require expensive video games or other electronics to remain settled. Continue to the next page to confirm what you already knew our next distraction would be.