10 Tips for Teaching Your Kid to Drive

Read the Manual
The Indiana Driver's Manual (1980). (Creative Commons/Flickr/Eric Fischer)

Whether it's a little light-blue booklet or a Web site, read what your kid will be reading when she studies for the written part of the exam. If there's an online practice test, take it. If you're really brave, tell your kid how awful you did. Not only will reading the rules of the road help you help your new driver study, it'll bring you up to date on the current traffic laws in your state. New laws are passed all the time, and you're probably violating them all over the place. The basics almost always stay the same: pass on the left, stop at stop signs, slow down when the light turns yellow. But HOV lanes, pedestrian laws, and more can (and do) crop up as safety awareness increases and technology improves. Use this opportunity to teach the old dog (that's you) new tricks.

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