10 Tips for Teaching Your Kid to Drive

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What's the Most Common Driving Superstition?

What's the Most Common Driving Superstition?

Do you hold your breath when you're driving through a tunnel? HowStuffWorks looks at a survey exploring driving superstitions.

Author's Note: 10 Tips for Teaching Your Kid to Drive

The first time I sat in the driver's seat, my mom sent me out to back the car up a bit in the driveway so it wasn't under the basketball hoop. I was maybe 10. I didn't know which pedal was which, and I nearly backed into the house across the street.

The second time, my dad pulled his ancient, bare-bones Jeep Wrangler over on a deserted dirt road after dark and let me get in the driver's seat -- for about three minutes. I was maybe 14.

It was a long time before I drove again. I'm old enough that smartphones were science fiction when I was 16, but I really didn't want to be bothered learning to drive. My best friend had a car she loved, and driving me around gave her an excuse to drive. Why would I give up my personal town car service?

I did, eventually, get proper driving lessons from just about everyone, and I passed my driving test when I was 17. My mom, my dad, my grandparents, my aunt and even my college friends got in on the act when they taught me to drive a stick shift in their ratty old VW Fox. I'm sure that not one of these people ever thought I'd write about cars for a living after that series of lessons.

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