10 Tips for Choosing Your Kid's First Car

There's No Shame in Used
Your kid may resist the idea of driving around town in a midsized sedan, but most parents understand that they're a safe option. (Creative Commons/Flickr/Max Wolfe)

A vintage car is a terrible idea, but a used car is a pretty good idea -- as long as it's not too old. ABS and airbags have been around for a while now, so most of the vehicles on the used car lot should have them. They'll probably even have a few of those tech bells and whistles that your kid loves -- the ones that drive you up a tree to live with the squirrels. The downside is that the safest, most reliable used cars hold their value pretty well. They'll still be cheaper than a new car, but they won't be the $500 beater you drove in college. You'll also find that many of these used cars are midsized sedans! Aw yeah, am I right? Nothing says cool to your kid like a four-door sedan that's probably been driven by the mother of two toddlers who threw Cheerios all over the back seat! All kidding aside, midsized sedans are (typically) really safe.

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