10 Rules to Help Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Set a Good Driving Example
You don't have to wait for your child to be a teen to set a good driving example. © moodboard/Thinkstock

Being a responsible, safe driver sets a good driving example for your teen, and you can start that behavior years before your offspring wants to practice three-point turns.

What does it mean to model safe driving habits? Everything, from always buckling up to obeying the speed limit to maintaining a safe following distance (don't tailgate, and don't get aggressive). And because more than 100,000 drivers are guilty of doing this while driving, we'll say it: Don't text while driving. Being an example of good driving behaviors also means making good driving decisions such as not getting behind the wheel if you're fatigued or have been drinking.

In addition to practicing good driving habits when you're behind the wheel, make sure you give your teen plenty of time to practice and develop his or her own good habits while driving with you in the front passenger seat. That's also a good time for parents to practice the good habit of being patient.