10 Rules to Help Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Every parent's worst nightmare: the day their teen gets a driver's license. ©iStock/Thinkstock

Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens. When you look at the risk of having a collision based on per-miles-driven, teen drivers are three times more likely than adults (defined as drivers older than 20) to have an accident -- and that risk is greatest during a novice driver's first year on the road [sources: CDC, AAA]. In 2010, on average, seven teens died each day due to injuries sustained in a car crash [source: CDC]. And of the 60 percent of American teens (ages 17 to 19) who got behind the wheel of a car in 2012, one-third of them were involved in speed-related crashes that year [source: Ferguson]. The combination of inexperience and risky behavior in a young driver along with distractions, and often impairment, can lead to tragedy, but following a few rules of the road can help prevent accidents and save lives.

Let's start our safety list with ways parents can help reduce the risk of their teens being in a collision just by setting up some driving rules of their own -- and enforcing them.