Captain America: A Chopper Profile

Captain America Chopper Pictures
The Captain America's famous paint job.
The Captain America's famous paint job.

The Captain America chopper is one of the best-known motorcycles in the world. Below are more pictures and details of this powerful chopper.

People from around the world recognize the Stars and Stripes paint scheme of Captain America’s fuel tank.

A closer look at the muffler of the Captain America.

Fishtail mufflers were popular in the 1950s, and add a nostalgic touch to the upswept exhaust. The chrome rear fender is from a Triumph; the seat buttons from a 1964 Chevrolet.

The Captain America starred in Easy Rider.

Easy Rider, starring Dennis Hopper (left) and Peter Fonda (driving the Captain America bike), was released in 1969, and soon became a cult classic.

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