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Typical F1 racing cars don't have headlights, where the Caparo T1 does.
Typical F1 racing cars don't have headlights, where the Caparo T1 does.

Caparo could have developed the T1 as a pure race car and entered it into any number of competitions. However, to truly grab attention, they made it street legal (in the United Kingdom, at least), so speed freaks with fat wallets can get excited about taking a T1 for a white-knuckle cruise when the local road course has an open track day. It's certainly a head-turner for those who want to arrive at special events in style, though it might be tough to climb in and out of the cockpit in an evening gown.

To keep the T1 safe and legal, the pylons that support the rear wing contain LED turn signals and brake lights, with headlights installed in the cowlings that cover the front tires. The cockpit is a hard "cell," with added protection coming from a steel roll hoop to keep the driver"s head from hitting the ground in the event of a rollover. The front of the car is designed to crush, absorbing impacts, and the honeycomb design of the chassis also adds strength and impact absorption. Both driver and passenger are held in place by a six-point harness and a head protection system that is compatible with the HANS device (Head and Neck Support, used by many drivers in top racing series worldwide). An optional fire suppression system, in both road and track versions, is also available.

Other options are available for potential T1 owners who aren"t content with the car"s £180,000 (just over $354,000 U.S.) price tag. Magnesium race wheels, carbon ceramic brake discs, a special aerodynamic performance package, track data package and wheel tethers are crucial for those who plan to hit the track, while leather interior is possible for those who want some comfort with their speed. Other amenities, like a radio or air-conditioning, are nowhere to be found on a car so purely designed for economy of weight like the T1.

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