Board Track Replica: A Chopper Profile

Board Track Replica Pictures
The Board Track's basic handlebars.
The Board Track's basic handlebars.

The Board Track Replica is a custom motorcycle built by Gene Williams. Below are more pictures and details of this powerful chopper.

Harley-Davidsons of the 1930s had a hand-shift transmission and foot-operated clutch -- as does this board-track replica. There’s also no front brake, so the only handlebar control is for the throttle, leaving

the bars devoid of levers.

A look at the roaring Knucklehead engine.

Board-track racers of the 1930s typically had no brakes and certainly no lights; being a street-legal bike, this replica has both, though there’s a brake only on the rear wheel. The Knucklehead engine got its name from the large valve-cover bolts that looked like knuckles on a fist. A kick-start lever stands tall next to the rear exhaust pipe; 1930s Harleys didn’t have electric start, and neither does this bike.

The springer front fork of the Board Track Replica.

The springer front fork is a period Harley piece. The Knucklehead engine has been modified with two carburetors instead of one, along with exhaust pipes that exit on both sides of the bike; the front cylinder to the left, the rear cylinder to the right. The tall shift lever for the transmission can be seen culminating in a knob at the rear of the fuel tank; the foot-activated clutch pedal is mounted ahead of the footpeg.

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