Bad Moon: A Chopper Profile

The Bad Moon sports a whitewall front tire and a Rev Tech V-twin engine. See more chopper pictures.

Not only is the owner of this bizarre machine responsible for its design, he's also responsible for its creation. Kenny Rollins built the Bad Moon chopper around a hardtail chassis from Killer Choppers, setting a springer fork from the Paughco catalog at a 49-degree rake. The 40-spoke front wheel has a single disc brake, and the Rader mag-style rear wheel is equipped with a combination brake disc/sprocket from Exile.

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In between sits an 88-cubic-inch Rev Tech V-twin that combines the look of a vintage Harley-Davidson Panhead engine with the advantages of modern technology. The snakey exhaust system was custom-made by Rollins. A 5-speed Rev Tech transmission gets both hand- and foot-operated shifters.

Perhaps the most obvious design feature is the oversized Moon fuel tank. Coated in chrome, it is mounted directly to the upper frame tube. Other custom touches include a chromed, oval oil tank below the sprung saddle, and a tall, warped sissy bar. It all combines to create a very unusual machine, which is exactly what the owner wanted -- and built.

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