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Red Byron's courage on and off the racetrack made him a legendary NASCAR driver and personality. He is famous for winning the first NASCAR championship title in 1948 and the Strictly Stock title in 1949.

The popularity of NASCAR rose dramatically and for the first time every race was covered live on television. The 1989 NASCAR Winston Cup title was taken by first-time champion Rusty Wallace. See all results from the 1989 NASCAR Grand National season here.

The championship was a virtual lock for Earnhardt after taking the lead in the points standing in early May. The 1991 NASCAR Winston Cup championship went to Dale Earnhardt the fifth in his career. See all race results from the 1991 NASCAR season here.

Herb Thomas is NASCAR's all-time winningest driver and was its first true superstar. He won 48 NASCAR Grand National races and was the leading race winner for three consecutive seasons. Learn about the career and statistics of this racing great.

Buck Baker was one of the toughest and most capable high-speed NASCAR chauffeurs of the 1950s. A versatile driver who could hop in an unfamiliar car with ease, Baker won races in eight different makes of cars.

Jeff Gordon won in a NASCAR season touched by tragedy with the death of Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt was killed on the final lap of the Daytona 500 when his car hit the wall at 200 miles per hour. Review each race with our 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Has any sport enjoyed the phenomenal growth that NASCAR has seen in its brief history? NASCAR is not only the dominant motorsport, but it has also overtaken baseball, golf and basketball in overall popularity.

The 1956 NASCAR Grand National season featured massive innovations from the automakers such as outrageous budgets for development and marketing. See the results from each race during the 1956 NASCAR season.

During the 1980 NASCAR Winston Cup season, Dale Earnhardt emerged from obscurity to instant fame. Earnhardt held off Cale Yarborough and Richard Petty to win the championship in his second year as a driver. See results from the 1980 NASCAR season here.

The 1957 NASCAR Grand National season thrilled despite a lack of support from automakers due to the racing ban from the AMA. Learn the results of all of the 56 races that comprised the 1957 NASCAR Grand National season.

During the 1981 NASCAR Winston Cup season, Darrell Waltrip bagged his first Grand National championship. Fans also saw a record 772 lead changes that season, a record that still stands today. See the results from the 1981 NASCAR season.

Lee Petty won 7 races to take the 1958 NASCAR Grand National championship. Car dealerships sponsored drivers to get around the AMA's ban on racing. Find out the results of all 51 of the 1958 NASCAR Grand National races.

NASCAR has come a long way. What began as a rag-tag bunch of racers battling at dirt tracks for small audiences has since grown into a dazzling national spectacle. Read information, stats and stories about each NASCAR season here.

The year ended with a second straight win for Darrell Waltrip in the 1982 NASCAR Winston Cup season. Waltrip came from behind and took the championship away from Terry Labonte and Bobby Allison. See the results from every race in the 1982 NASCAR series.

Several drivers fought for the NASCAR championship in 2002, but Tony Stewart prevailed. Six drivers battled for one of the closest championship chases NASCAR had ever seen. Review the races with our 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Bobby Allison finally reached the top of the NASCAR world after finishing in second place six times. The 1983 NASCAR Winston Cup championship was claimed by Allison, who won six races that year. See all the race results from the 1983 NASCAR season here.

Matt Kenseth used a number of top 10 finishes to win the 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup. Because he had the championship locked before the final race even started, NASCAR looked into changing the point system. Review the races with our 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

The running of the very first Daytona 500 was only one of the highlights of the 1959 NASCAR Grand National season. See the winners and view the results of all 44 races from the 1959 NASCAR Grand National season.

A new title sponsor and a new points system kicked up the competition to the 2004 NASCAR season. NEXTEL became the new sponsor and NASCAR unveiled the Chase to the NEXTEL Cup playoff system. Review each race with our 2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup results.

The 1960 NASCAR Grand National season marked transitions for NASCAR including televised races and new tracks in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Hanford. Get results of all 44 races from the 1960 NASCAR Grand National season.

The 1984 NASCAR Winston Cup champion Terry Labonte won only two races but capitalized on consistency. Richard Petty was greeted by President Ronald Reagan after winning his record-setting 200th win. See the results from the NASCAR 1984 season.

Rex White won 7 races in the 1961 NASCAR Grand National season but lost the title to a driver with only one win. Find out who beat Rex White for the championship title and see results of all the year's races.

The first strictly stock NASCAR race at Charlotte Speedway was so popular that 7 more races were planned for the remainder of the season. The races were filled with new, postwar automobiles. See the results for the first NASCAR strictly stock season.

Dale Jarrett earned his first Winston Cup championship in the 1999 NASCAR season. Tony Stewart made his debut in the Winston Cup series and quickly made a name for himself with three wins. See how the others fared with our 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

The 1950 NASCAR Grand National season had a new name and a newfound popularity with driving fans. Learn the results of each of the exciting 19 races that comprised the 1950 NASCAR Grand National season.