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Lee Petty

Lee Petty was not a hard charger -- he was the great calculator, applying the strategies of a chess player. In his career he won 54 times and had top-ten finishes 332 times in 427 career NASCAR Grand National starts.

Ned Jarrett

Ned Jarrett once used his weekend NASCAR winnings to cover a bad check he wrote for a new car. In his career, his gambler's luck and his own daring led him to 50 NASCAR Grand National win.

Lloyd Seay

Lloyd Seay's prodigious racing talent was sadly wasted when he was murdered at a young age. Bill France heralded Seay as the greatest stock car driver that ever lived, though Seay was killed before NASCAR was founded.

Red Byron

Red Byron's courage on and off the racetrack made him a legendary NASCAR driver and personality. He is famous for winning the first NASCAR championship title in 1948 and the Strictly Stock title in 1949.

Herb Thomas

Herb Thomas is NASCAR's all-time winningest driver and was its first true superstar. He won 48 NASCAR Grand National races and was the leading race winner for three consecutive seasons. Learn about the career and statistics of this racing great.

Buck Baker

Buck Baker was one of the toughest and most capable high-speed NASCAR chauffeurs of the 1950s. A versatile driver who could hop in an unfamiliar car with ease, Baker won races in eight different makes of cars.


Has any sport enjoyed the phenomenal growth that NASCAR has seen in its brief history? NASCAR is not only the dominant motorsport, but it has also overtaken baseball, golf and basketball in overall popularity.

Tim Flock

Tim Flock was the youngest member of one of the first famous NASCAR families. Flock's older brothers Bob and Fonty and his sister Ethel all drove in NASCARS Strictly Stock and Grand National competitions. Learn about the life and racing career of Tim Flock.

Fonty Flock

Fonty Flock participated in NASCAR's first season and quickly distinguished himself as a fan favorite. He was intelligent and one of the few drivers who felt comfortable with media interviews. Learn about the life and career of Fonty Flock.

NASCAR Race Car Tracks

Each NASCAR race car track is as unique as its location. Find out more about the individual features of the tracks, get visitor information and view pictures and diagrams of the tracks.

1947 NASCAR Recap

Visionary Bill France saw the potential of a unified, organized racing series and created the NCSCC in 1947. This eventually transformed into NASCAR as we know it today. Here is a quick 1947 recap of events in NASCAR history.

The Top 10 Daytona 500s Ever

They call the Daytona 500 "The Great American Race." We've sorted through five decades of thrills and spills and pinpointed the 10 best ever races of the Daytona 500. See the list -- and let the NASCAR arguments begin.

How Drifting Works

In drifting, drivers force their car to slide sideways through a turn, and professional drifters can accomplish a true driving contradiction: They can control what happens when their tires no longer grip the road.

How NASCAR Race Cars Work

The original NASCAR races were run on dirt tracks in regular street cars. Today, almost every piece of a NASCAR race car is handmade. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how these amazing machines come together.

How NASCAR Safety Works

Racing is a dangerous business, but NASCAR safety has improved dramatically since the death of Dale Earnhardt. Find out about NASCAR technology, see pictures of NASCAR safety devices and learn how the industry safeguards these 200-mph racers.

How does the Nextel Cup points system work?

It seems like everyone who races in a NASCAR Nextel Cup race receives points even if they finish in last place. How does the Nextel Cup points system work?

How RACEf/x Works

RaceFX gives you the edge when you're watching a NASCAR race on TV -- it highlights a car and follows it around the track at 200 mph! Find out how this high-tech tracking system operates!