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Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Originally paved with bricks, the Indianpolis Motor Speedway is called "The Brickyard."
Originally paved with bricks, the Indianpolis Motor Speedwayis called "The Brickyard."

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, most famous as the site of the annual Indianapolis 500 open-wheel race that was first run in 1911, is known as "The Brickyard." It was originally paved with bricks, which are still used for "the yard of bricks" that marks the start/finish line. In 1994, the nickname was adopted for the first NASCAR race run at Indy, and the Brickyard 400 remained on the schedule for ten years; in 2005, it was renamed The Allstate 400 at the Brickyard.

The race quickly became one of the most popular and prestigious on the NASCAR circuit, as fans flocked to the track and drivers viewed winning as an honor. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has by far the most grandstand seating of any track on the NASCAR circuit, with accommodations for more than 250,000 fans.


Indianapolis Motor Speedway Visitor Information

Indianapolis Motor Speedway contact information: Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 4790 W. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN (46222). Phone 317/492-6700.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway diagram: Download a PDF of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway layout.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway security: All items carried into the track are subject to a search -- and search, they do. Indianapolis Motor Speedway prohibits entry with glass containers and bottles, but allows personal coolers -- hard and soft-sided -- with a size restriction of no larger than 14 x 14 x 14 inches. Personal bags and backpacks are allowed but must not exceed 14 x 14 x 14 inches. Other permitted items: binoculars, scanners, cameras (and their cases), strollers, lawn chairs, and umbrellas. Other prohibited items: bikes, in-line skates, skateboards, scooters, and pets. Tailgating is OK in the lots adjacent to the track and in the infield, but no cooking or open-flame heat sources.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway first aid: Indianapolis Motor Speedway has 15 first-aid stations around the track -- ten on the perimeter and five in the infield, including the 17-bed Clarian Emergency Medical Center, the hub of the operation. All are clearly marked in the race-day Fan Guide with a symbol of a red cross inside a yellow square. The CEMC is staffed with emergency doctors and nurses, and works with Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis (1701 N. Senate Blvd., phone 317/962-2000) if full trauma care is needed.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway concessions: How about these stats: on race day, Indianapolis Motor Speedway sells more than 6 1/2 miles of dogs and brats, more than 8 tons of Track Fries, and more than 10,000 pounds of Brickyard Burgers. The gotta-have-it menu item is jumbo pork tenderloin. Purchase one (or maybe two) at the Plaza Café next to the Pagoda, and at 14 other locations around the track. Or enjoy your meal without missing a turn on the track by ordering a box lunch before race day. Visit and place your order online, or call 317/492-6422. You’ll receive a voucher with the pickup location. Then simply collect your lunch when you get to the track, and you’re good to go.

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