NASCAR Race Car Tracks

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Pocono Raceway

Pocono Raceway is the only triangular-shaped track in NASCAR racing.
Pocono Raceway is the onlytriangular-shaped track in NASCAR racing.

Pocono Raceway in eastern Pennsylvania is unique on the NASCAR circuit in that it's the only track that's distinctly triangular in shape. Its three corners each have a different radius and banking angle, which complicates things for drivers and chassis tuners alike.

Since opening its gates to NASCAR in 1974, Pocono has played host to a number of different races, including the Purolator 500 (1974-1976), the Coca-Cola 500 (1977-1980), the Summer 500 (1985-1987), the Miller High Life/Genuine Draft 500 (1986-1995), the AC Spark Plug 500 (1988-1990), and the Champion Spark Plug 500 (1991-1993). Since 1997, however, it has hosted the same two races: the Pocono 500 and the Pennsylvania 500.


Pocono Raceway Visitor Information

Pocono Raceway contact information: Pocono Raceway. Long Pond Rd., Long Pond, PA (18334). Phone 570/646-2300; toll-free 800/RACEWAY or 800/722-3929.

Pocono Raceway diagram: Download a PDF of the Pocono Raceway layout.

Pocono Raceway security: In the grandstands, coolers can be no larger than 12 x 12 x 12 inches; glass containers are prohibited. In the overnight parking areas, prohibited items include tent camping, pets, ground fires, fireworks, weapons, ATVs, motorcycles, mopeds, golf carts, and utility vehicles.

Pocono Raceway parking: There is free daytime parking in lots along Long Pond Road, with shuttle service to the raceway entrance. Parking is also available in the infield for campers and for fans who buy a one-day infield ticket. Handicapped parking is available next to the bus parking area, behind the grandstands.

Pocono Raceway first aid: There are three first-aid centers: near the grandstands, in the paddock, and in the infield. Trauma doctors, nurses, and ambulances are on-site during the day. At night, physicians’ assistants, paramedics, and ambulances are available. The paddock and infield treatment centers are open 24 hours a day. Medical services are supplied by Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network, a level-one trauma hospital.

Pocono Raceway concessions: Food and souvenir stands are located at each spectator viewing area and each overnight parking area.

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