How Stock Car Painting Works

Stock Car Decals

So we understand more about the extensive painting process that goes into finishing a stock car, but why is it that these teams put so much effort into achieving outlandish looks? Not only will these designs help the cars stand out but with any luck, they'll also make the car look faster than it already is. At least, that's what Jeff Gordon is hoping for with his No. 24 car's new look of "fire and flames." He'll introduce his new look -- orange, black and yellow -- for 2009 [source: Murphey]. What about his trademark DuPont logo? It will still be there -- but it won't be painted.

Decals and logos play an important part in this advertising-driven sport, and these days they can be slapped on right before a race with the creation of vinyl wraps [source: Graves]. Currently logos and decals are made from vinyl and plastered, not painted, all over a car as a means of earning sponsorship dollars. Numbers, which are leased from NASCAR, "belong" to a team only as long as their contract is good [source: Sporting News].

Most fans don't question the colors of their favorite team, but they may wonder how a certain number is assigned to their driver's car. As with all of the rules and regulations, that is up to the team to pick, with approval from NASCAR, of course [source: Newton].

­Now that you have the knowledge on how stock car painting -- or vinyl wrapping -- works, check out the links on the following page for even more stock car topics.

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