10 Essential Tools of NASCAR Pit Crew Members


Duct Tape

Duct tape serves a variety of purposes at the race track.
Duct tape serves a variety of purposes at the race track.
Rusty Jarrett/­Getty Images

­Du­ct tape is the friend of even the least-handy handy man. So why is it also a go-to tool for NASCAR crews? After all, they're some of the handiest people around, aren't they?

As any failed do-it-yourself homeowner or mechanic can tell you, the reason anyone uses duct tape is because it's quick and easy to use. NASCAR teams use duct tape to adjust body panels on the car to improve downforce -- no, we're not kidding about that -- or just simply to hold parts together until the end of the race. It can also be used to make quick fixes to hoses and loose or hanging wires. Crews will even use duct tape to block or redirect airflow to various parts of the grille to keep the engine running at peak efficiency. Duct tape is such a popular NASCAR fix that you can even buy NASCAR-themed rolls of duct tape. You might even hear it referred to as 200 mph tape -- a well-earned nickname.

­Keep reading to find out the sticky trick NASCAR crew members have up their sleeve when 200 mph tape just isn't enough.