How the United States Auto Club Works

Members of the United States Auto Club


­Racers aren't the only ones who can become members of the USAC. If you want to become a member of any of the USAC series divisions, you can join the official USAC fan club, also known as the USAC Battalion. As a member of the Battalion, you'll be one of "an Army of USAC's most loyal followers."

Members of the USAC receive the following:

  • An official membership card
  • Entrance into Battalion events
  • The opportunity to meet racing stars at autograph sessions
  • USAC Battalion T-shirt
  • USAC seat cushion
  • Window decal
  • Driver trading cards
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Discounts on official race gear
  • Special events like the Battalion Party with the drivers and a poker tournament

A membership costs $39.95 annually. Those who sign on for a two-year membership also receive a copy of a book detailing the history of the USAC.

All drivers of any series must become members and apply for series drivers licenses. Crew members, officials, inspection stations, manufacturers and manufacturer workers must all apply for licenses, as well.

Before a member can race, he or she must undergo a medical and physical examination to determine if they're of suitable health.

If you'd like to learn more about the USAC and/or the men and women who have competed in any of the five divisions, check out the next section. If you're more interested in joining, head to the USAC's Web site and become a member of one of the major governing bodies of the U.S. automobile racing community.


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