How the NHRA Works

Joining the NHRA

By joining the NHRA, members help the association to provide a forum for racing enthusiasts. Jr. Dragsters also benefit from membership fees, as the NHRA provides youth education services, encouraging kids to pursue goals and further their education, in and outside of the racing environment.

­If you'd like to participate in NHRA races, you must join. Members are able to race at any NHRA member track, and winners receive prizes from official NHRA sponsors.

The NHRA offers memberships in three separate categories, each with two pricing schedules:

  • U.S. membership -- regular or first class
  • Canada/Mexico membership -- regular or first class
  • Overseas/Foreign membership -- regular or air mail

No matter where in the world you are live, membership benefits are the same. Memberships can even be purchased in someone else's name as a gift. Terms range from a six-month trial membership up to a three-year annual membership.

When you join and participate in the NHRA, some of the proceeds go to the following charities:

  • Beat the Heat -- drag racing education and promotion of safe communities
  • BRAKES -- Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe
  • Darrel Gwynn Foundation -- for spinal cord injuries
  • DRAW -- Drag Racing Association of Women
  • Racing for Cancer Research

Before joining the NHRA, you might be wondering what benefits you'll receive with your membership. Read on to the next section to find out more.