How Impound Races Work

Impound Race Restrictions


Once a car has finished qualifying, NASCAR imposes impound restrictions. After the car has entered the garage, only two crewmembers are allowed to stay in the garage.

The only exception to the "no work once the car has been qualified" rule is if the crew is able to get prior approval from NASCAR, which is granted only under special circumstances.

On race day, NASCAR impound rules dictate that two crewmembers are allowed back in the garage, accompanied by a NASCAR official. Crewmembers may not:

  • Lift or jack up the car or any part of the car
  • Add water or pressure to the cooling system
  • Get inside the car
  • Adjust the sway bar, shocks or any bolts
  • Add fuel
  • Add oil
  • Add brake fluid
  • Adjust any body components including the spoiler or fenders
  • Remove air box
  • Change or add any components or spring inserts

Though some drivers and racing fans may feel the restrictions make impound races seem unfair, NASCAR does include some allowances in the rulebook. Next, up, you will learn what crew members can do after a qualifying race is completed.