NASCAR Drivers

NASCAR drivers are fearless yet highly skilled and trained. To become a NASCAR driver, you have to work your way up through the smaller tracks and prove your skills in a variety of tests. See what it takes to make it to the top and stay there.

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Buck Baker

Buck Baker was one of the toughest and most capable high-speed NASCAR chauffeurs of the 1950s. A versatile driver who could hop in an unfamiliar car with ease, Baker won races in eight different makes of cars.

Tim Flock

Tim Flock was the youngest member of one of the first famous NASCAR families. Flock's older brothers Bob and Fonty and his sister Ethel all drove in NASCARS Strictly Stock and Grand National competitions. Learn about the life and racing career of Tim Flock.

Fonty Flock

Fonty Flock participated in NASCAR's first season and quickly distinguished himself as a fan favorite. He was intelligent and one of the few drivers who felt comfortable with media interviews. Learn about the life and career of Fonty Flock.