5 Scariest Stunt Car Feats

Skydiving with Cars
Some eighty-eight skydivers from Skydiving the Point, a Virginia skydiving club, are shown over West Point, Va., on Oct. 23, 1997.
Some eighty-eight skydivers from Skydiving the Point, a Virginia skydiving club, are shown over West Point, Va., on Oct. 23, 1997.
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While this might not be a typical car stunt, it does have all the ingredients of a scary stunt car feat: a car, high altitude and some thrill-seeking adventurers.

A group of skydivers in Arizona periodically roll out of the back of planes sitting in old convertibles and then jump out of the car to complete the dive. Sometimes seating up to four or five people in the convertible at once, the divers remain seated in the car as it's pushed out of the back of the plane. After a few seconds of sitting the car, the divers then jump out, while the convertible continues to plummet earthward, usually spinning and flipping end over end in the process.

During one such jump, skydiver Olof Zipster (after pushing the car out of the plane), jumped out to film the car's free-fall to the ground. He ended up getting a little too close to the vehicle and it suddenly flipped and hit Zipster in the head. Another skydiver, who was filming the jump as well, caught the entire incident on tape. While the other jumpers landed safely, they wondered where Zipster was. The impact had given Zipster a concussion, but fortunately, he was still able to open his parachute and land safely.

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