5 Scariest Stunt Car Feats

Stuntman Spanky Spangler crashes his car into two old Butte-Silver Bow metro transit buses during the second day of Evel Knievel Days in uptown Butte, Mont. See pictures of car safety.
AP Photo/Montana Standard, Walter Hinick

For some people, using a car to get from point A to point B simply isn't enough. In fact, many have taken an automobile to the edge of destruction (or beyond) in the name of adventure, thrill-seeking and of course, for big-name blockbuster movies. To honor those men and women who've come up with some creative ways to use a car, we've collected five of the scariest car stunts we could find, and assembled them right here in no particular order.

Some are famous and some are just downright crazy, but all involve a car and a whole lot of danger. Fortunately, in each one of these examples, no one was permanently injured -- but that doesn't necessarily mean they were completely unharmed either.