10 Superstitions From the World of Motor Racing

$50 Bills
The legend of the unlucky $50 bill began in 1964. (Richard Drury/Getty Images)

The average person certainly doesn't earn as much as a pro racer, so the thought of avoiding a high-denomination bill might be a little strange. But this superstition began when Joe Weatherly, a two-time NASCAR champion, had two $50 bills in his shirt pocket during a 1964 race. Unfortunately, it was Weatherly's last race; his car crashed and he died in the wreckage. When the cash was found in his pocket, the legend of the unlucky $50 bill began. Even though a good deal of time has passed since Weatherly's fatal crash, this well-known, and slightly odd, racing superstition is still very much in force. Dale Earnhardt was perhaps the best-known driver to avoid $50 bills, but the superstition didn't end with his death in 2001, either. Other NASCAR drivers, such as Sterling Marlin, also won't touch a Grant. Of course, fifty bucks in cash is fine -- it just better be made up of a few different denominations.