10 Extreme Motor Sports for Thrill Seekers

Ice Racing
Driving on ice causes difficulty maintaining traction, but these racers are up for the challenge. VIKTOR DRACHEV/AFP/Getty Images

Ice racing isn't just for Canadians trying to make a Tim Hortons run before work in January. It's an actual motor sport. While ice racing tends to be more popular in places that have large expanses of ice, like Canada or Minnesota, it's a sport that even the most devout Texan can get behind. While most mainstream competitions (think F1 or NASCAR) call off races if the track isn't absolutely clear, foul, icy conditions are just what ice racers need.

The "ice" in "ice racing" refers to the track, not the vehicle being raced. In this race, the entire track is ice. Let that sink in.

Almost any type of vehicle, from cars to motorcycles to four-wheelers, can be used in ice racing — and most of them have been. Ice racers typically use spiked tires to help grip the ice (though they can use regular tires as well), and from there, they go as fast as they can. Ice racing is one of those sports that proves great things can happen when people who go ice fishing get bored.