ATV Towing Tips

ATV Trailers
Riding ATVs is fun, but it can be dangerous.
Riding ATVs is fun, but it can be dangerous.
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Given the unusually bulky form of all-terrain vehicles, it's no wonder that an entire industry has arisen to help enthusiasts with the task of transporting ATVs. In the next two sections, we'll take a look at some of the specialized ATV towing gear that makes the "getting there" a bit less stressful and a lot safer. Towing trailers for hauling equipment come in a wide variety of sizes and flavors -- small, large, single-axle, multi-axle, open, enclosed, partially enclosed and so forth. Some are general purpose. But the ones we're particularly concerned with are specialized ATV trailers.

­What sets apart trailers designed for ATV towing from other towing equipment? Well, typically, ATV trailers have low decks for easier loading. They often have foldaway ramps to further ease the loading and unloading process. They're built to withstand the weight of ATVs, which can tip the scales between 300 and 500 pounds apiece.

Finally, they feature numerous strap handles for placing the heavy-duty straps you will want to keep your ATV from sliding around.­ Be sure to consider what additional equipment for ATV towing you might need along with the trailer. A drop hitch attachment and other towing gear can remove some of the sloppy driving feel when you are pulling a trailer. Some ATV trailers have metal frame or mesh sides that serve as containing walls when folded up, then function as a wide, handy loading ramp when folded down. ­On the next page we'll learn about ramps and tie-downs.