Top 10 Towing Risks to Keep in Mind


Limited Visibility

An unbalanced load on the road can be dangerous.
An unbalanced load on the road can be dangerous.
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Before you hit the road, you should consider the length, width and height of what you're towing. Increasing your overall vehicle's size impacts visibility. Visibility plays a pivotal role in basic maneuvers such as backing up towed vehicles, making turns and changing lanes.

Many companies offer towing mirrors, which either replace or attach to a vehicle's existing side-view mirrors. Extended mirrors are particularly useful if the load you are towing is wider than your vehicle. Without extended mirrors, you won't be able to see traffic approaching from the side or the rear.

For some maneuvers, you might also want to have a partner act as a spotter to help guide you. Working with another person can take some of the stress out of tasks like backing into a parking space or launching a boat. Using pre-arranged hand signals is a great way to communicate -- it decreases the risk of misinterpreting directions. If there are other drivers in the area, it will also help prevent confusion.

Now let's learn about accelerating and passing other vehicles while towing.