5 Ridiculously Heavy Towing Jobs

Towing Buildings
And you thought towing a boat was a pain.
And you thought towing a boat was a pain.
VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm/Getty Images

Unless you live in a houseboat or trailer, you may never think about moving your house -- or the building where you work for that matter. But structural moving is getting more common as technology makes it easier. The process of moving these enormous structures requires a good deal of planning and hard work -- not to mention some heavy-duty towing power.

If you've read How House Moving Works, you know that it involves digging down to cut openings into the foundation and inserting steel beams. These beams are lifted by hydraulic jacks placed underneath them. When lifted the beams are lifted, movers can place wheels on the ends. At this point, a t­owing vehicle pulls it to its new location, which might be miles away.

­Some structures might have to be moved in sections, but some large buildings can be moved intact. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the Fu Gang building in China as the heaviest building ever moved intact. Movers were able to pull this 16,689.43-ton (15,141-metric ton), 111-foot (34-meter) tall building 116.86 feet (35.62 meters) [source: Guinness World Records].

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