5 Ridiculously Heavy Towing Jobs

Pulling Teeth
"King Tooth" Rathakrishnan Velu pulls a train with his teeth.
"King Tooth" Rathakrishnan Velu pulls a train with his teeth.
Tengku Bahar/AFP/Getty Images

This towing marvel has to do with pulling a train. What's mind-blowing is how it was done. This tower pulled it off by the skin of his teeth -- literally. In 2007, a Malaysian man by the name of Rathakrishnan Velu pulled a train without the use of any towing vehicle -- he pulled it using his teeth.

This wasn't any miniscule train, either. He pulled a seven-coach train a distance of 9 feet, 2.2 inches (2.8 meters) along a track [source: Joshi]. Clenching a steel rope between his jaws and pushing against the tracks with his legs and arms, Velu pulled the train weighing 327.5 tons (297 metric tons), which is more than 2 ½ times the weight of the post-landing orbiter, if you're keeping track. This weight and distance secured Velu -- who is nicknamed "King Tooth" -- the world record for heaviest weight pulled with teeth.

Want to be like Velu? It'll take more than eating Wheaties -- he says he does jaw strength training every day in addition to other exercise. He chalks up his amazing talent primarily to meditation, however.

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