How Horse Trailer Accessories Work

There are several accessories your horse might appreciate in its trailer.
There are several accessories your horse might appreciate in its trailer.
Masakazu Watanabe/Aflo/Getty Images

If you want to know what accessories you should add to your horse trailer, you should probably ask a horse. The horse, if he or she could talk, might ask for a feed bag for fighting off the munchies on those long trips, a head bumper for protection against rough roads and low ceilings, or maybe some bungee cords to help tie up loose items in the trailer so that they won't go flying around when the driver hits the brakes. The horse might also appreciate a brush rack, which will give you a convenient place to keep its grooming accessories, and a saddle rack to provide the perfect spot for -- you guessed it -- saddles. Or maybe the horse would just like a poster of Secretariat for the trailer wall.

A horse's owner probably also have some ideas about what sort of accessories would be useful or attractive, both inside the trailer and out. An accessory bag would be great for carrying horse-related items -- on the way to a horse show, for instance, or just for a ride in the woods. Reflective signs and safety tape are great for the outside of the trailer and make it safer for the horse to ride in, but other accessories just make the trailer look better. For a cool ride that will make both you and your horse (or horses) proud, consider spinners for the hubcaps or just a bumper sticker that reads, "I'd rather be riding my horse." Your trailer will look happier and your horse may feel more appreciated. On the next page, we'll take a more detailed look at the sort of accessories that will help you and your horse ride safely and in style.

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